Pastel Mountains

pastel-mountainsI’ve been working on this one for about 3 months now; it’s not quite finished yet, (I haven’t decided what to put in the foreground). I painted the sky back when I made The Storm, and to followup on that post – I did get those results back and although they did find some cysts and recommended that I followup with my family doctor, thankfully there were no signs of inflammatory breast cancer (which was the initial worry because of consistent redness). 

Métis Teepees

I recently applied for and received my Canadian Métis status. It doesn’t entitle me to anything per-say, but it does mean that I’ll have to check the Métis box on any Government forms, and I’ll have to pay $100 every five years to update it. I made this painting to celebrate:
I’m Métis on my Mother’s side; her grandmother was originally from the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. Unfortunately for Saskatchewan Métis people, since 2004 there has been a lot of provincial scandals; the most recent of which leaving Métis Nation-Saskatchewan $725,000 in debt. To read more on this issue click HERE.

Saskatchewan Grain Elevator

sask-grain-elevator-700kbThe grain elevator is somewhat of an iconic image in Saskatchewan; sadly they’re quickly becoming a thing of the past, with less than 300 left standing across the province. For most Saskatchewanians, there is a strong sense of nostalgia that accompanies these rectangular wooden structures which seem to personify the shape of the province itself.

Painting a Homemade Crib Board

painting-largeggpascrib-largeA couple years ago, with the help of my father, I made these two Adventure Time themed crib boards. I was inspired to make them after Dad showed me his great grandfather’s homemade crib board from 1896; made out of a piece of harness leather.
I started by sanding all sides of the wood with an electric sander, then routed the edges.

holes-largeI digitally designed the faces and transferred the prints to the wood with carbon copy paper; then painted the faces and lightly varnished them, and then Dad began drilling the 734 holes (much more work than you would ever expect!).adventuretime-crib-large


I think the finished products turned out great!

Space Art Part IV: Exploring Planets

I admit, I may have overdone it on the planets in this one! In my defence, the goal of this painting exercise was to practice making a starry sky with some planets, so on the one hand I did succeed; on the other hand, maybe too many planets? Kind of reminds me of that one episode of Doctor Who where the Daleks transport a bunch of planets to one place (The Stolen Earth, Series 4 Episode 12). p-exploring-planets-sArt Fact: The planets were painted first and the sky was painted afterwards around them. 

A Starry Moonlit Night

p-moonlitnight-sMy wife and I recently went home to my parents’ northern acreage, and spent a weekend locked away painting in their basement. My wife is not a painter, but lately she has been joining my painting sessions and I can’t believe the amazing artworks that she’s come up with. I ended up creating a night scene, incorporating a starry sky and a moonlit lake which was inspired by a painting my mother tried out at one of those PaintNites where you drink wine and paint along with an instructor in a room full of 20 other participants. Mine took a good two days to complete, whereas she only had an evening to get hers done. 

Art Fact: I used a stencil to do the milky way, and metallic paints for the stars to give them that extra sparkle.