Sleeping Beauty | Baseball Bat

I’ve finished painting my wooden bat, and I’ve named her Sleeping Beauty; because she gives my wife and I a peaceful night’s sleep. 
A couple years back my wife was letting our pug out for his bedtime pee, when a person came up to the door and before my wife could close the door they stood in her way and began banging on the frame and yelling that they were with the RCMP and had a warrant to search the premises. In a situation like that, when a stranger is attempting to force their way into your home, there are three reactions a person can have; FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE. My wife, who is 5’1”, FROZE; thankfully, I was in the other room and came running when I heard the commotion, only to chase the perpetrator off. After a lot of mental turmoil over the next few months, my wife was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the incident. So on nights when I am out of town, Sleeping Beauty is there to watch over my princess, and help us to both get a good night’s sleep.

Closeups of Sleeping Beauty

Closeups of Sleeping Beauty

On a brighter note, we’ve recently moved to a better neighbourhood and already feel safer!


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