Novia Scotia May Flower

Christmas is a month away, and Christmas shopping on an artist’s salary… well let me just say, you have to get a little inventive! Usually it’s not too hard finding out what someone’s latest favourite thing is, and then incorporating it into a personalized gifty that may not be the most expensive, but has a touch of heart in it. However, when all you get from your sister-inlaw inoviascotia-mayflower-symbols that she, “Likes anything,” personalized gifting can get a bit tricky.
Luckily I found out that her favourite color is RED, and I know that she is a born-and-raised proud Haligonian; so I googled the provincial flower, which just so happens to be the MAY FLOWER, and vuala… Another personalized Christmas gift in the bag!


Novia Scotia’s Provincial Flower – May Flower

Like my wife alway says, I’m the best gift-giver (and the worst gift-receiver)! In my defense though, when you ask for a manfrotto tri-pod for Christmas, and then on Christmas morning the tri-pod shaped gift turns out to be a set of tools; lets just say, it’s pretty hard to hold that disappointment inside!  In all fairness to my parents, they had no idea where to buy a manfrotto tri-pod, and the tools have come in handy more often than not! And eventually my wife and I got ourselves the manfrotto tri-pod… Life has a way of working itself out, even if you are a terrible gift-receiver!


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