Bamboo a Decade apart

2006 Bamboo

2006 Bamboo

2016 Bamboo

2016 Bamboo

Back in 2006 I sustained a bit of a head injury while attempting to jump into a van cab (clocked the top of my head on the roof and was out like a light for a few minutes).  After going to the doctor the next day and being diagnosed with a concussion, my 19 year old self decided to make a painting using all the colors that hurt my concussed-head… Why? Because I figured if they were bright enough to hurt my eyes, that had to mean that they were going to make a pretty kickass bright painting! That’s how my first bamboo painting came into existence ten years ago. That painting currently hangs in the entrance to my house, and the other day my 12 year old nephew commented on how much he likes it. So of course that inspired me to make him his very own bamboo painting for Christmas. Hopefully he doesn’t check my blog before then!
I made the bamboo in the new one with my painting knife, which I’m really into using right now.


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