Queenie Penny Tribute

I live in Regina, which is known as the Queen City because way back in 1882 the decision was made to change the city’s unofficial name of Pile of Bones to the more regal sounding, “Regina,” in honour of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria. Regina in latin means Queen, hence the nickname, “Queen City.” To pronounce Regina, you just have to remember that it’s the city that rhymes with fun… or as I like to call it, the city that rhymes with your front bum!
penny-smallAs you may have already heard, the Canadian penny (which featured the current queen, Queen Elizabeth II) was discontinued in 2013; leaving retailers to round cash transactions to the nearest nickel. I wonder how long until the nickel is obsolete?
*If you look close enough, you’ll notice that she ages from left to right.
The Penny 1858-2013


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