Gotta Catch ‘Em All

A few of my niblings are currently really into Pokemon… Which makes this aunt pretty proud because as a little 12 year old I was also into Pokemon, and would quite often “accidentally” miss the bus to go watch Pokemon on cable tv at my friend’s house. Growing up on an acreage, I only had farmer vision to come home to (channel 6 & 7); jeopardy or wheel of fortune, those were my after-school tv options. Internet was also nearly non-existent, having only dial-up we would need to make sure that no one was planning on using the phone for the hour that it would take to check your email. The dial-up sound it made when connecting will forever be etched into my memory:  do do do, do do dee do do, bee dooooooooooo yeeeuuupp, blapblepbleepbloopblahpblahhhh, glarbonbleebloobluhhhh….
I digress! So, Christmas shopping for Pokemon merchandise in-stores; much more difficult than


Onix Pokemon Painting

one would originally presume. Sure Pokemon card packs are easy enough to find, go to Wal-Mart and there’s a whole isle dedicated to Pokemon cards; but I don’t have $40 to spend on a single set of Pokemon cards, especially when I know the niblings would rather have some sort of Pokemon merchandise. Toys-R-us ended up having some Pokemon stuffies, but again they were in the $40 range.  So out came the paint-supplies, and Aunty Noelle got to work on some personalized Pokemon paintings.


Squirtle Pokemon Painting

One nephew’s favourite Pokemon is Squirtle, while the other’s is Onix. Squirtle got his painting already for his birthday, and absolutely loved it, especially when he found out I made it for him! And Onix will be getting his for Christmas with a couple 3packs of Pokemon cards! Done & done!


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